Dryer Repair

Hello and thanks for reading ūüėČ Im Bill Watson the owner and supervisor for DuPage appliance repair. ¬†Im here to briefly discuss on why we’re your number one choice for dryer repair in DuPage county. In essence, dryer repair is one of the most common day to day jobs throughout the year. ¬†Everday we get calls all over the DuPage area saying their dryer is not heating or is not starting, or making a real loud noise. ¬†Dryer repair jobs or more common then oven repair jobs and¬†refrigerator¬†jobs combined! Now when it comes down to true customer satisfaction, it comes down to how long the warranty lasts. ¬†If an appliance repair company decides to use a cheap part from china, the dryer can and will go bad in less than a year. ¬†If you use a genuine factory authorized part, you will get¬†at least¬†a year warranty on parts and labor, but realistically speaking that same part wont go bad for years and years to come. ¬†You have more chances of another appliance in your home to stop working properly, then the same part on the same appliance to malfunction. DuPage appliance repair only uses factory authorized parts for your dryer repair needs. ¬†To the put the icing on the cake, we also warranty the labor as well. ¬†Furthermore, some dryers are just not worth repairing and in those cases you will be informed. ¬†Dryer motors are inexpensive but for some models, dryer motors are¬†extremely¬†expensive. ¬†Expensive motors make dryer repair too costly for the customer and makes the job for the appliance repair company tough to sell. ¬†To give your more insight, some dryer repair jobs require extreme amounts of labor. ¬†Electric stackable dryers are a good example. ¬†Dryer repair for these types of appliance require complete¬†disassemble¬†which is not easy. ¬†Great deal of care needs to get taken on how the dryer repair is carried out. ¬†These dryers have many screws and even more sharp edges. ¬†Technicians¬†need to wear proper gloves and personify patience if screws are rusty or not getting taken part easily. ¬†Dryer repair jobs that require much labor are usually worth repairing due to the parts being fairly inexpensive. Overall, I firmly¬†believe DuPage appliance repair is your number one choice if your dryer ever malfunctions. ¬†With low service call charges, you do not have to risk too much money to see if your dryer is worth fixing!

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