Kenmore Appliance Repair In Woodridge IL

Experienced Kenmore appliance repair in Woodridge IL!  DuPage Appliance Repair has qualified technicians that can fix your Kenmore appliance right the first time.  All our technicians need to have ten years of experience before joining our team.  Mistakes and wrong diagnosing happens when appliance repair companies hire “newbies”.  DuPage Appliance Repair is committed to quality service and we will not accept anything less.

If you need Kenmore appliance repair in Woodridge IL, give us a call!  We offer a solid one year warranty on parts and labor.  Though generic parts are available, we only use Kenmore factory authorized parts.  The reason why we choose to only use Kenmore factory authorized parts is due to quality.  Generic parts breakdown much quicker, usually before the warranty period ends!  Our commitment to quality will not be sacrificed to save a few bucks.  To add,if you live in the DuPage area.  We can most likely have a technician in your home today  Experienced Kenmore appliance repair in Woodridge IL should not be hard to find!

Kenmore is one of Americas biggest appliance repair manufacturer.  It is also one of Americas most reliable appliance repair manufacturer as well.  For example,a typical Kenmore appliance should last at least six years without repair.Kenmore’s upscale line of appliances is known as the Elite line. Kenmore also has a professional line of appliances called Kenmore Pro.  Of course we must mention any appliance that is for professionals will be expensive to repair.  Most appliances that are built for professional use or commercial use have expensive parts.  If you happen to purchase a Kenmore Elite appliance, be advised it does not mean it will not break down.  Statistically speaking, the more expensive appliances generally break down faster.  We do not know the reason, but are only speaking based on our own personal experiences.  Regardless if you have a professional Kenmore appliance or something more basic.  We are the right company to call if you need Kenmore appliance repair in Woodridge IL!

Call our main office if you need service today.  We can be reached at (630)-335-1195

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