Professional Appliance Repair In Oakbrook Terrace IL!

Today’s high end appliances are getting more complex with each passing year.  From main control boards having to be rewired to sensors in hard to reach places, today’s appliance repair technicians need to be kept informed.  Technicians of DuPage Appliance Repair are sent to workshops for all the top manufacturer’s.  These month long workshops provide our technicians with a solid foundation on how to repair the latest most high end appliances if they malfunction.

But many residential appliances are quite common, especially in the DuPage area.  Still being a professional appliance repair man does not mean just rearranging computer boards.  Rather, its all so safety as well.  The household dryer might seem harmless, but the sheet metal is very sharp, and can prove harmless not properly disassembled.  Technicians need to careful and give complete concentration on task at hand to be safe.

DuPage Appliance Repair is proud to provide professional appliance repair in Oakbrook Terrace IL!  Our main office can contacted at any time.  Although our office hours say 6am-7pm Monday through Friday, most of our office employees are young college students often study in the office after hours.  If you need appliance repair in Oakbrook Terrace IL, we can set you with an appointment with a technician fast.

Appliance Repair in Oakbrook Terrace IL is only a phone call away!  Regardless if you have a dryer not heating or an oven making a ticking sound, you can be sure DuPage Appliance Repair will provide you with excellent service.  DuPage Appliance Repair offers a solid one year warranty on all parts and manual labor.  We only use genuine factory authorized parts in our repairs, so we are more than confident the same problem will not happen again on your appliance.

Main Officer:(630)335-1195

Dispatchers 6am-7pm Monday Through Friday and 8am-3pm on Saturdays

If you need emergency appliance repair in Oakbrook Terrace IL but have reached us after hours.  Feel free to give us a call, someone might still be in the officer.  If not, leave a message and we will get back to you next business day!

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