Professional Refrigerator Repair In Wood Dale IL

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Are you looking for refrigerator repair in Wood Dale IL area? You have come across the right website.  DuPage Appliance Repair can have a EPA certified technician that can repair any problem with your refrigerator.  We offer a solid one year warranty on our labor and parts.  If you need refrigerator repair in Wood Dale IL area, call our main office at (630)-335-1195.

We repair all major brands of refrigerators.  Our qualified technicians attend mandatory work shops by today’s most popular brands.  These workshops provide the fundamentals on how to diagnose and repair complicated repairs.  These workshops mainly focus on the newer high end models that are now coming out.  However, if your refrigerator is not that fancy that does not mean your refrigerator is poor quality!  Regardless of price, any refrigerator made in America should last anywhere from five to ten years without repair.  If you need refrigerator repair in Wood Dale IL, help is only a phone call away!

Refrigeration problems can be tricky at times.  Some models of appliances have relays in hard to reach places.  Other models at times needs a top to bottom resistance check on all electrical parts.  DuPage Appliance Repair is committed to send you a qualified technician if you need refrigerator repair In Wood Dale IL area.

Give us a call at our main office: (630)-335-1195



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