Refrigerator Repair In Wheaton!

Do you live in the Wheaton area and need help with your refrigerator?  Look no further!  Dupage Appliance Repair has qualified appliance repair technicians with years of experience.  When you call DuPage appliance repair, you can expect that we get the job done the first time!

Refrigerator repair in Wheaton has never been easier.  With all work backed by our solid one year warranty, you do not have to worry if the same problem is going to happen again.  The one year warranty includes parts,labor,and any trip charges that might occur in your warranty period.

Are you worried your refrigerator might not be worth repairing?  We understand that consumers are sometimes nervous about fixing their appliance.  That’s why at DuPage Appliance Repair we have low service calls, so if you find out your unit is not worth repairing, its not a huge hit on your wallet.

If your refrigerator is not cooling, that does not automatically mean that your refrigerator is out of freon.  Essentially, if you need refrigerator repair in Wheaton, and your fridge is not cooling,more than likely it not a freon related issue   Freon issues occur when the fridge is well past its prime, more than 15 or 20 years.

If you need refrigerator repair in Wheaton area, do not hesitate to give our main office a phone call.  We have dispatchers on duty from 6am-7pm to provide you exceptional service.  Refrigerator repair in Wheaton is only a phone call away!

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