Top Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Appliance.

Is appliance repair really even worth it?

That is what i asked myself starting up this business.  In the begining stages when i was fancying the idea of starting up an appliance repair buisinss myself.  I asked a co worker ,” So hey Greg my dryer stopped heating, you know anybody?”.  I was expecting he would know a guy due to the industry primarily being word of mouth. He actually replied ” Dont you just replace those?”.

Im not sure where Greg purchased his appliance from, but i got mine from Bestbuy.  For my basic washer and dryer i paid close to $700.  With the appliance about 7 years old, i figued it had done our family service for those 7 years very well.  With it just not heating , can it be really that expensive to fix this dryer?

In a world where resources are diminishing and pollution increasing.  I think to myself,”One day their going to run out of space for trash, and people are going to panic when their home needs to get demolished to create space.  We all know money talks.  For example, the O Hare airport expansion where the local Bensenville townhomes needed to get demolished.  Of course the residents were compensated above property values which was atleast a somewhat nice thing to do.  But in the end, even with residents protesting, they still decided to expand.  Pollution will definitively be a problem one day, that is just my opinion.  Can i have a ball park figure of how long will it take to get to that day? That i have no idea.

My view is, does appliances that could of been repaired, be an addition to all the other items that are thrown as junk?  Appliance’s in general are made out of sheet metal, plastic, and ofcourse steel on some models.  The motors of an appliance are made out of steel and copper, two natural resources that are still in demand.

When i did call an appliance repair technician over, it was below my expected cost.  The bill came out to $187 , i was thinking $225.  He told me my appliance was in good shape.  Due to the diligence of me cleaning my lint basket each and every time, my dryer is pretty clean.  I later eventually hired him, one of my best technicians.

To get down to the nitty and gritty, i will list my reasons in numerical order.

1)  Any decent appliance,lets take for example a your basic washer dryer, will cost new for about $600 up to $1000.  I just googled “sears”, and clicked on appliances.  Explored around a bit, the most basic model that i saw atleast was $700 for the washer and the dryer.  Appliances should last anywhere from ten to sometimes thirty depending on the condition its kept in.  So if my dryer stops heating, should i just buy a dryer for $569.99 knowing that they are taxing because i am only buying a single unit?  Remind to the reader, it cost $700 for the washer and the dryer.  Im not sure  about you, but the average home owner does not have flexible funds like that.  $500 is almost half mortgage for some homeowners.  I would rather pay $187 and get my dryer fixed.  The chances of me seeing him again for my appliance are years apart.  Since my appliances are now old enough to break.  The chances of him fixing my dryer again is slim.  I have more chances of my washing machine breaking down rather than my dryer malfunctioning again.

2)  Many people are unaware on how to properly get rid of their appliances.  You can give them to charitable organizations who can sell the appliances to earn income.  Or, you can give it to organizations who will most likely sell them for the steel and copper.  If you have a community landfill, most likely their is a fee to dispose of them.  Laws prevent consumers to just “kick to the curb” large appliances.  If you do kick it to the curb, most likely it will not be picked up by your local waste management company, instead it might get taken by someone who sell steel and metal for income.

If these two reasons do not really convince you, then most likely  you will buy a new appliance in the future.  For others, you might think i make a valid point.  I hope you enjoyed my two cents on this topic.  As a proud owner of an appliance repair company.  I strove hard to pay my employees fairly and in the same process keep costs down. Our service call is low due to us being confident that its in your best interest and your wallets best interest to fix that appliance.  That appliance might be a washing machine, to a fridge, or even a dishwasher.  Call us today, your wallet or purse will thank you!


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